Encouragement for the frustrated writer

Dear Frustrated Writer,

It’s okay you haven’t finished writing your book in a month, ninety days, or whatever timeline you see heavily marketed.

It’s okay if you write something only to hate it. We all do. Take a break and revisit it. You are always welcomed to create something new if all else fails.

frustrated writer

When your muse has gone on vacation and you’ve been staring at the page for hours at end, don’t fret. Pick up a book and read. Go take a walk or pick up a paint brush. Ideas come during everyday living. If that doesn’t work, act like you’re going to take a nap. Genius ideas always like to pop up when they think you’re too tired to work on them.

I know people may have told you you spend way too much time on the computer. You’ve been called the bookworm, or the person who appreciates a beautifully written line. Your accusers say you own a ridiculous amount of journals, but who cares? You’ll fill all the pages soon enough. Hold onto all these moments as a compliment. It means your “writing-self” is receiving recognition, and you’ve joined the crazy Wordsmith family.

We are all sold a pipe dream. Writing is work, and it can be hard work. We are ever growing in this craft and no one masters it completely. Each writer started somewhere, and we all will finish a little closer to being a word-nerd god in the end.

Also, don’t get frustrated if you feel you aren’t producing work as quickly as the next person. Focus on providing quality content. Your readers will appreciate overdue, anticipated work that’s great over a quickly received book that’s lesser.

It’s okay if everyone doesn’t like your art. You can go into the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and find pieces by great artist to be ugly. Art is subjective. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” type of thing. If someone doesn’t like your work, thank them for reading, and work your butt off to find eyes that will.

Lastly, when all else really does fail, you have done what most people never will: write. You’ve graduated from the crew who say “I’m a writer” who never writes, and stand out from those who argue “I will blog and write a book” who never do. Whatever becomes of your story–a dusty manuscript on the bookshelf, or a best-selling novel–congratulate yourself and own your story. It’s yours. No one can take away from you what only your mind could create.

Happy writing!

Encouragement for the frustrated writer

One thought on “Encouragement for the frustrated writer

  1. I honestly believe the “written word” was duly created for the sole person of us alive in this generation. Witness the divine beauty in which you transcribe the invisible thought to masterfully crafted written art.


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