So you want to self-publish?

Sitting at a round-table two seats away from me, a lady lifts her head from her phone saying, “I could write a book! Everyone has one now.”

“You think so?” I say interested.

“Of course. It’s easy. You pick a topic, write some words, print it, and there’s your book.”


I sighed. She made it sound so easy. If only it was that easy.

Well, it can be if you skip the basic stuff; you know, finding an editor to correct all of those grammatical mistakes your reader will notice and how you misspelled a word, and finding a professional designer to make it look good. Easy if you babble on-and-on-and-on-and, oh, sorry was I babbling? Yes, easy if you don’t care about developing a coherent story-line.

Writing is hard work. It’s an art to choose words that sound beautiful and have value. Signing up to self-publish means you are responsible for doing all this, while also having to be a marketer, figuring out how to copyright your book, publishing and printing it, then finally getting it into the hands of readers. (That’s just the short list by the way).

I say this not to discourage you. If you have a book inside of you, write it. If you want to publish your manuscript, go for it! The process won’t be easy, but hey, you’ll be happy you did it in the end.

So you want to self-publish?

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