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Your writing skills are going to get better.

And learning how won’t take loads of your time. We like simple. Easy, we can’t promise. Writing is work–hard work, but what you learn here will be fun, easy-to-understand concepts.

Our team goes by a ton of writerly titles: teacher, author, publisher, writers, editors, and coach. We came together and created a community of writers who love to read, but want the books they write to be as beloved as those they hold dear to them.

So, get cozy. Grab a pillow, your favorite chair, and put your feet up. You are at the Lounge.

We love to share, improve, and learn how to use our words better. Check back frequently for our in-person workshops, online classes, and other tips in the upcoming months. 

Ashley Ormon, the pen behind Creative Writers Lounge

I’ve been quoted by Arsenio Hall, Tedx speakers, the University of Berkeley College, and Cambridge University, an ivy league school, published part of my teachings. 

But guiding that want-to-be writer to where he holds his first book in his hands, or hearing from my client that her book is now an Amazon best-seller, are among my favorite successes.

You see, after sitting in the writer’s seat, then experiencing the editor’s desk, I realized not enough emphasis is placed on what makes a story truly loved and keeps its words remembered. 

Yes, we read Edgar Allen Poe, but why is he great? Why is that supporting character remembered almost as much as the protagonist? What causes books like Crazy Rich Asians, A Christmas Carol, or Bird by Bird to be keepsakes on a reader’s shelf?

Questions like these get asked at the Lounge, and we go deeper and deeper until new ideas, thoughts, and answers are given. 

We are a safe haven for the novice writer and a passing baton in the hands of the more experienced. We offer knowledge, encouragement, and tried and true strategies. 

But most of all, we share secrets: the ones that explain great writers don’t pass the baton only to fellow scribes, but to readers who will honor and cherish them for the feelings they’ve experience and the connections they’ve made.

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