You’re writing a book…

and need tips on making your characters come alive, how to write a certain scene, or asking yourself, “I’m fifty pages in. Now what? I’m stuck.” So, you do what every good writer does: a Google search.

You realize although productive, this can be a major “time waster.” And later, when a book designer is needed, you’ll spend more time asking for risk-free referrals.

As a writer, you will take a lot of risks.

You’ll spend precious time sending pieces of your imagination to the world. Having the wrong designer who does not grab the reader’s attention can be costly if you aren’t making sells. Losing a reader’s interest because your plot is broken can be harmful.

Readers are unforgiving, and often don’t give second chances to authors who have failed them.

After listening to writer after writer, we noticed a theme.

All agreed on wanting the same things:

  • Guaranteed quality services
  • Blogs and classes for improved writing
  • Time saved doing non-writing tasks
As a Lounge member, your writerly benefits includes:
  • Access to our distraction-free writing community
  • Private, online classes to improve your writing
  • The opportunity to share and feature your work
  • Worksheets and mini books to transform the way you write
  • Quality-verified referrals
  • Insider’s info on events & promos
  • News and industry-related updates on books and publishing
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This can be the risk you don’t have to take and the hours you get to save. Register below:



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